HR Giger Absinthe Wolfsmilch Swiss Craft Distillers

HR Giger Absinthe Wolfsmilch 69% - 50cl - Handmade in Switzerland

Wolfsmilch absinthe is a powerful "Verte" with a strong body and a stunning herbal tea note. The essential oils are present everywhere, a true treat for the most selective absintheur. A modern absinthe for today's bars made according to traditional methods and natural ingredients.

H.R Giger Wolfsmilch was named and designed by Hans Rudolf Giger, inspired by a book called “HR GIGER and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century“ written by Stanislav Grof.

HR Giger Absinthe is distilled by Philippe Martin at La Valote Martin Distillery for Swiss Craft Distillers, using only 100% natural ingredients and herbs from the Val-de-Travers.

The botanicals include large and small wormwood, anise, fennel, peppermint, hyssop, sweet wood, lemon balm and other secret herbs. Wolfsmilch absinthe is produced in a small batch of 69 litres at the time

Tasting notes




Herbal with notes of liquorish, followed by subtle lemon balm hints and a persistent and strong vermouth bouquet.


Full bodied solid taste, the bitterness from the wormwood is complimented by a succulent sweetness coming from the botanicals. Enjoy HR Giger Wolfsmilch with ice cooled water.


Powerful and long lasting.

H.R Giger Absinthe for Swiss Craft Distillers

The H.R Giger Absinthe range was created in collaboration with H.R Giger himself and the former clandestine distiller Francis Martin. The secret recipes have been passed down to Francis' son Phillipe Martin who continues to distil for Swiss Craft Distillers.

Swiss Craft Distillers is a producer of original Swiss Absinthes that works with local distillers, maintaining the authenticity and tradition of the spirits. Each distiller carries on the knowledge passed on from generation to generation, each of them has a story to tell through their recipes

The secret of the Absinthe La Valote Martin lies in the appreciation for the product, its history and its region. In 1910, the absinthe production was banned by the Swiss government however many clandestine distillers kept the tradition alive.

Francis Martin was one of them and when the ban was lifted in 2005, he decided to produce absinthe in accordance with the law, maintaining the authenticity of the product and the region. His recipe has not changed, absintheurs appreciate it as ever before. The eldest among them can often be caught saying that it reminds them of the Absinthe of their youth.

69 %
50 cl
Boveresse, Val-de-Travers, Switzerland
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