Samaroli Guadeloupe Rum 1998
2018 Release | Cask No.2 | 20 Ans

Samaroli Guadeloupe Rhum 1998/2018 Release - Cask No.2 - 20 Ans Single Cask Rhum 48% - 70cl

A spirit in the quintessential Samaroli style: refined, fascinating and intriguing. The Guadeloupe 1998 is a non-agricultural-style rum distilled from molasses, aged in Scotland to reinforce the French-Caribbean structure. This is a limited edition of only 330 bottles.

Tasting notes


Hints of chocolate, sour cherry, and dried fruit followed by forest fruits and mentholated scents.


On the palate, it changes scale but maintains the same pattern, enriched with notes tobacco, vanilla and licorice.

45 %
70 cl
340 -Numbered Bottles
CHF 198.00
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