DASSAI 45 JUNMAI DAIGINJO Premium Sake | 45% Rice Polishing

Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo Premium Sake 45% - Rice Polishing 16% - 72cl bottle

A brand that puts "premium" on the map.

Dassai 45 is produced in the Asahi Shuzo distillery in the Japanese province of Yamaguchi from the highest quality Saké rice, the so-called Yamada-Nishiki, and is thus an excellent introduction to the world of Dassai.

Each grain of rice has been polished to only 45% of its original volume. Asahi Shuzo stands out for its innovative strength and continuous pursuit of quality.

A delicate and carefully made sake characterised by fruity, floral notes and a soft, harmonious finish.

Its rich and strong textured flavour is an ideal accompaniment to a variety of dishes, especially white meat and poultry.

Tasting notes


The very soft bouquet offers a myriad of fruity and exotic aromas. The distinct fruity character of Dassai 45 is reminiscent of pears and white grapes.


Aromas of pineapple and watermelon set exotic accents. The delicate attack seamlessly continues the fresh and fruity character of the first impression. The rich (puffed rice) and tertiary (chestnut) mid-palate show a very mature expression.


Dynamic, slightly tangy (citrus peel) on the finish. Finally, the stone fruit ("apricots" and "wild peach") underlines the impressively long finish.

16 %
72 cl
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