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Cask No. RV 13/06 - Cask Strength

Gimet Armagnac 1978 is made from white wine distilled in traditional Armagnac copper stills that are nearly a hundred years old. Aged in sweet wine cask, bottled at cask strength from a single barrel, non-chill filtered, with numbered bottles. Only 450 bottles were produced.

Gimet Armagnac 1978 is non-blended, this retains the natural alcohol volume from the barrel therefore Gimet is bottled at cask strength. Non-chill filtered in order to preserve its organoleptic characteristics; this lack of filtration can lead to residual elements in the bottle, which is natural.
Cask Strength, 59.9%
70 cl
Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
CHF 220.00
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