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WITL | Single Malt Whisky | Single Cask #121A

The first WITL edition where the alcohol content has been tamed to 46%, offering a more accessible experience to all whiskey lovers. Non-chill filtered, free of colouring. Only 534 bottles had been released worldwide.

Peated Speyside Single Malt are not classic and yet Benriach has always known how to use its kilns malt to produce a slightly peated malt. The result is subtle and fully incorporated into the whiskey.

This whisky was aged for 7 years in casks that previously contained Banyuls, a fortified French red wine and an experience in itself, known for its full-bodied exquisite aromas of cooked fruit, prunes, and cocoa.
50 cl
Elgin, Speyside, Scotland
CHF 80.00
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