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Straight Bourbon | Single Barrel

With over six generations of distilling experience and a time-tested yeast strain that has been in the family for over 60 years, Baker's presents a Bourbon Whiskey of smooth texture and distinctive taste.

No batching or mixing.

Each bottle is filled from a singular barrel, offering a unique tasting journey, maintaining the typical defining flavours of bourbon.

The intensity and flavour of each are unique, fluctuating from smokey to peppery or floral.

Weather and placement where the barrel sits inside the rickhouse can influence the flavour, proof and time a barrel needs to age.

The higher the floor, the warmer the temperatures and the higher the proof. The top floors produce spicier bourbons while the low colder floors produce a floral flavoured bourbon.

There is a serial number on the neck of the bottle that contains information about that particular bottling.
Cask Strength, 53.5%
75 cl
Clermont, KY, USA
CHF 85.00
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