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Swiss Craft Distillers

Absinthe Bizarre is distilled in small batches from 100% natural ingredients from Val de Travers. The distiller Philippe Martin from La Valote Martin Distillery works according to ancient family traditions and a unique recipe.

Absinthe Bizarre was created for Cabaret Bizarre, a themed show that combines the best of cabaret and burlesque performances. The Cabaret Bizarre is a cabinet of curiosities, a fair of monsters, a carnival of pleasures in the sense of Brecht and Fellini. All of this trapped in a bottle of absinthe, Absinthe Bizarre.

The Cabaret Bizarre takes its inspiration from the great Parisian and Berlin theatres of the 1920s. The spectacle, glamour and atmosphere of the old travelling circuses, the Théâtre de Vaudeville and the resplendent cabarets are awakened once again on a themed night, where the spectators are transported into a world full of myths and stories.
50 cl
Boveresse, Val-de-Travers, Switzerland
CHF 69.90
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